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What We Do


Xenith Solutions/TCI specializes in strategizing, assessing and developing Defense-in-Depth Cybersecurity management capabilities leveraging our technical and operational subject matter expertise in both Classified and Unclassified enclaves and environments enabling Full Cybersecurity Lifecycle support in compliance with DISA, NIST, FedRAMP and RMF guidelines.

Our Cybersecurity services are founded in our continual research and engineering activities that focus on eliminating vulnerabilities, evaluating improvement opportunities, removing redundancies and duplications, developing alternatives that encompass ALL IT assets including infrastructures, data and applications.

Xenith Solutions/TCI's Full Cybersecurity Lifecycle support services spans diverse subject areas including:

  • Access Controls, Awareness and Training

  • Audit and Accountability

  • Security Assessment, Contingency Planning

  • Incident Response and Continuous Risk Assessment

  • System and Information Integrity

  • SecDevOps Automation

  • Risk and Vulnerability Management

  • Computer Network Operations ("CNO")

  • Cyber Analytics and Environment Monitoring

Enterprise IT Management

Xenith Solutions/TCI IT Management services incorporates industry best practices including ITIL/ITSM, CMMI Level 3 for Services and ISO 9000 to keep Cloud and On-Premise infrastructure operating smoothly and efficiently and optimize technology investments by taking advantage of our multi-faceted skilled teams and lean processes through all phases of the life-cycle.

Our IT modernization expertise includes:  AWS/Azure Cloud engineering, implementation and migration leveraging our robust foundation of repeatable and sustainable processes, standardized methods and automated tools.

Xenith Solutions/TCI's enterprise IT management expertise spans Architecture, Implementation, Sustainment, and Modernization including:

  • Full Stack Coverage of Hardware

  • Operating Systems

  • Applications

  • Network

  • Data Center Management

  • Databases

  • Storage Management

Enterprise Data Engineering and Design

Xenith Solutions/TCI's Enterprise Data Solutions support our customers' ability to gain a holistic picture through the data they possess enabling them to make informed, data-driven decisions.  We create comprehensive data solutions and analytics to enhance our customers' operations and promote evidence-based decisions as well as mitigate cognitive hurdles and ceilings within the decision-making process.

Xenith Solutions/TCI's approach to creating custom data-driven solutions are enriched by detailed analyses of the data to ensure accurate, timely, relevant, and consistent data throughout the enterprise.


We set a commitment to innovation by offering modernization, flexibility, elasticity, and cost-saving benefits while opening the door to new technologies and techniques through:

  • Database Design and Administration

  • Data Management and Integration

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics

  • Data Visualization and Reporting

Development Integration and Implementation

Xenith Solutions/TCI integrates the principles and practices of Agile and SecDevOps at scale across the entire enterprise, to accelerate mission-critical enterprise application development and deployment utilizing open-source and commercially available technologies and platforms.

We use industry-leading standards and methodologies to develop innovative, custom applications and deliver process-focused software solutions that enable our customers to realize their critical business requirements and connect with constituents across a variety of domains.

The Xenith Solutions/TCI team works as a unified team to address usability concerns, optimize business processes, and design world-class secure application interfaces that are intuitive and improve user adoption.  Our development experience includes:

  • Custom Applications using Open-Source Technologies, Platforms and UI/UX designs

  • Microservice Architectures

  • API Development and Integrations

  • Cloud enabled and Native Applications

  • COTS Implementations (Salesforce, SAP, etc.,)

  • Custom mobile and web-based software development

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